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If you can’t see what’s in front of you…

There’s an old saying. If you can’t see something directly in front of you, then one can only imagine what else you’re oblivious to. This is the street scape a few doors down from the Strathcona Business Improvement Association office.

420 Hawks Unanimously Approved

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The rezoning of 420 Hawks Avenue was unanimously approved by city council tonight. The property in question was previously zoned industrial, and is adjacent to a prime retail corner in Strathcona. It is across from a liquor store and a methadone clinic. It will provide 420 sf two bedroom units of social housing. While the SBIA opposed the project, they were virtually silent in their opposition up until the public hearing. Atira will manage the new project, and they currently manage the Rice Block, which is adjacent to the newly rezoned site.

The SBIA recently changed their Facebook and Twitter home pages to show the Rice Block, a building that is a source of frustration for local residents and businesses. The corner that the rice block is located on has had over 150 police calls in the last year.


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